The Washington Motorcycle Safety Program, (WMSP), a division within the Department of Licensing, has implemented numerous changes which will add steps and expense to getting your full 2-Wheel motorcycle endorsement after January 1st, 2020. For more information, please visit https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/mototesting.html.

Sidecar / Trike Education Program (S/TEP)

S/TEP is a comprehensive, national training program for both Sidecars and Trikes that has been educating new riders since the 1980s. Designed as a stand-alone course that meets state and province safety requirements, it is the result of long-standing collaboration between Evergreen Safety Council, manufacturer representatives, sidecar/trike dealers, training advisers, and government administrators and is widely regarded as the most comprehensive course possible for the novice rider of three-wheeled motorcycles.

Taught by our certified instructors, it teaches each attendee in the strategies necessary to drive safely and legally on city streets and highways. The 16 hour course includes:

The only requirement to attend the novice Basic S/TEP course is that the attendee be at least sixteen years old. The attendee need not have ridden any kind of motorcycle, nor does s/he need to possess a motorcycle endorsement or license.

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be issued a course completion card that may be accepted by the state/province licensing organization for endorsement on the driver’s license. Many insurance companies will provide the attendee with premium discounts based on the issuance of the completion card; you will need to talk with your own insurance agent to see if the discount can be applied to your premium.

At present, we offer a Basic and an Advanced S/TEP course.