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Three Wheel Riding Basics Blended Learning Program

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Blended Learning Program

As training methods, student demands, and the motorcycle industry itself have all evolved, Evergreen Safety Council has seen the need to offer a new way to teach the S/TEP Three-Wheel Riding Basics course. Our updated course now utilizes the technique of “blended learning,” which has been shown in educational studies to result in a high level of student success. Blended learning means that in this new version of the course, students will complete a self-directed, online version of the classroom course on their own before attending a 1-day in-person training that includes some classroom instruction and range time.

Course Structure

As described above, the new offering consists of two parts.

  1. Three-Wheel Fundamentals Online Course. This program utilizes the latest in online educational technology to enable students to complete the classroom component of the course at their own pace before the scheduled day of range training. Three-Wheel Fundamentals presents the same material that students would receive in an in-person classroom training. This allows them to complete the complementary range training in just one day. This online course takes about 4 hours to complete.

    In addition to providing proof of completion of the online course to the training provider, students may still need to pass a state-approved test in order to participate in the range training, in accordance with state laws.

  2. Three-Wheel Riding Basics: Offered at a range location by an authorized training provider, consists of a short in-person classroom session, followed by range exercises. It takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

Course Breakdown

Students will register for the S/TEP Three-Wheel Riding Basics blended course through the riding school of their choice. As part of the registration process, they will be directed to complete the online Three-Wheel Fundamentals course through Evergreen Safety Council’s online training system before the day of their in-person range class.

Online Course
Students will need to complete the online Three-Wheel Fundamentals course in order to be eligible to participate in range training. The course can be completed at students’ own pace. Topics covered in the online course include:

  • An introduction to three-wheelers
  • Requirements and recommendations for riding gear
  • Features, controls, and indicators
  • Basic operation, including starting the rig, clutch, throttle, and brake operation, safe stopping, turns and curves, special concerns for sidecars, and parking
  • Information on advanced techniques such as evasive maneuvers, drifting, and flying the sidecar
    Defensive riding techniques, including safety tips for inclement weather, freeways, rural roads, and intersections
  • Impaired riding education, including distracted and aggressive riding, as well as riding under the influence of drugs and alcohol

At the end of the course, students must take a quiz to verify their comprehension. Passing the quiz allows them to save or print a certificate of completion that can be sent or presented to the riding school as proof of completed classroom training.

Knowledge Test
The riding school will be responsible for administering the state’s knowledge test (if applicable), or the knowledge test provided as part of the S/TEP Three-Wheel curriculum, before students are allowed to participate in the range training. Instructors are encouraged to provide additional in-person guidance on state-specific rules and regulations, as well as a review of advanced riding techniques, on the day of range training.

Range Training and Riding Test
The S/TEP Three-Wheel Riding Basics range course uses the same range exercises as the existing (two- or three-day) program, with some minor revisions to ensure that the course flows correctly.

Students who successfully complete the range exercises will be eligible to take the riding test. Those who pass will earn a completion card issued by Evergreen Safety Council.


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