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Learn to ride a three-wheel motorcycle (trike, sidecar, or reverse trike/Can-Am)

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Get up to speed and on the road before you know it! Learn to ride a three-wheel motorcycle (trike, sidecar, or reverse trike/Can-Am) with our S/TEP Three-Wheel Riding Basics course. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to ride safely. Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics of riding, preparing you to successfully obtain your three-wheel motorcycle endorsement.


We have various three-wheel motorcycles including sidecar units, Can-Am Spyders, Can-Am Rykers, and standard trikes available for use during the class. These rigs are shared between students during the class, so feel free to try them all!


This class is divided into two parts:

    1. Three-Wheel Fundamentals Online Course. Before getting on a three-wheel motorcycle, our required, self-directed online course will introduce you to the fundamentals of riding. You can complete this component at your own pace anytime before the scheduled day of range training. This course takes about four hours to complete.
      What to expect in the online course    ▾
      • An introduction to three-wheelers
      • Requirements and recommendations for riding gear
      • Features, controls, and indicators
      • Basic operation, including starting the rig, clutch, throttle, and brake operation, safe stopping, turns and curves, special concerns for sidecars, and parking
      • Information on advanced techniques such as evasive maneuvers, drifting, and flying the sidecar
        Defensive riding techniques, including safety tips for inclement weather, freeways, rural roads, and intersections
      • Impaired riding education, including distracted and aggressive riding, as well as riding under the influence of drugs and alcohol


    1. Three-Wheel Riding Basics: Once you have completed the online course, it will be time to hit the range for a scheduled, 8-hour group training session. You will have the opportunity to try out a trike, sidecar, and/or reverse trike/Cam-Am, and practice basic riding skills under the supervision of an experienced instructor.
      What to expect on the range    ▾
      • Basic vehicle operation and controls
      • Starting, stopping, and straight-line riding
      • Clutch operation, shifting, and changing speeds
      • Turns and curves
      • Minimizing risk and handling special situations
      • Advanced skills like quick stops and evasive maneuvers



Students will need to pass one knowledge test of 25 questions covering basic operation, road, and safety topics. The skills test consists of five range evaluations covering basic riding maneuvers, swerving, quick stops, and curves.

As part of this in-person training session, you will take the endorsement skills and knowledge tests to obtain your three-wheel endorsement.

Required Gear To Bring

  • Photo ID

  • Sturdy boots that offer full ankle protection

  • Eye Protection Googles, glasses, or a face shield

  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Long, non-flared pants made of durable material, such as denim

  • Full-fingered leather gloves or motorcycle specific gloves

You May Also Want To Bring

  • Your own DOT-approved helmet

  • Full rain gear if applicable

  • Lunch

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Sunscreen If needed


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