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Rachel Lytton

With 1 year of experience, an affinity for dual-sport and road bikes, and a passion for undiscovered routes, new adventures and everything in between, Rachel teaches with the sort of infectious enthusiasm that cannot leave anyone unaffected. As an instructor, she loves students “lighting up” when they grasp a new concept or achieve a new goal; seeing them improve their skills, engage in discussions and have fun riding outside of class.

MSF certified, when she isn’t kindling people’s love for riding, Rachel works for a large pharmaceutical company (CAR-T/Immunotherapy, for all you science nerds). She loves riding off-road in the summer and doing as many Back Road Discovery Routes as possible on her BMW F800R, WR250 or NX250. She also enjoys riding abroad and makes it a point to visit a new country every year (so far, she’s checked off Vietnam, Guatemala and Costa Rica). Riding aside, she likes to draw, read, volunteer, paint and study intriguing topics, such as psychotherapy and psychology.


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