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Patricia Kaviani

With 14 years of sidecar/trike and 13 years of 2-wheel experience, Patricia is a veteran instructor who also happens to treat veterans, as an Orthoist / Prosthesist at the Madigan Army Medical Center. She is of the firm belief that all bikes are created equal, but finds trikes and sidecars 33% more exhilarating to ride. As an instructor, she loves imparting knowledge and seeing riders improve both their skills and handling. Just like “Peppermint Patty” (of Peanuts fame), Patricia excels at all things hands-on, but, quite unlike her, she also has a wealth of motorcycle knowledge and can be counted on to know the answer the trickiest questions at a moment’s notice.

Between her work at the Medical Center, her course load as an instructor and her church, she does not have a lot of spare time. Whenever the chance arises, however, she likes to catch up on woodworking, home repair or reading up on the latest developments in motorcycle and trike safety.


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