John Mattson

A veteran instructor in more ways than one, at 77, John is probably the oldest Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor in Washington State. And yet, every time he throws a leg over his bike and heads out for a new adventure, he feels as if he was still 16.

That’s how old he was when he first started riding, on a used 1954 Harley Davidson KH. He’s owned many bikes (and scooters) since then, including a 2003 Harley Road King, a 2008 Harley Road Glide and a 2013 Harley Road King (which is what he rides now). He has clocked well over 300,000 HOG miles, earned 2 Iron Butt awards (riding 1,180 miles in 24 hours and 1,560 miles in 36) and is aiming to get a third this year (for 1,500 miles in 24 hours). Long-distance riding and helping others ride safely is his life-long passion and the depth and detail of his knowledge about it is second to none.


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