S/TEP Advanced Course

S/TEP Advanced Course

The Advanced Sidecar/Trike class is an 8 Hour one-day course for riders with previous Sidecar/Trike experience. Students must provide their own Sidecar or Trike with proof of liability insurance to take this course. Students’ rigs will be subject to a safety inspection, to verify they are safe to use during the course.

Classroom discussion will cover topics on operating a 3-wheel Vehicle, Defensive Driving, Driving in Traffic, Roads, and Alcohol/Drug influence on driving.  The on-range exercises will cover advanced braking, cornering, evasive maneuvers, and the handling characteristics that are unique to the 3-wheel motorcycle. Students will take a written and skills test during the course, the successful completion of this course enables riders to receive their Washington 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement with no further testing at the Washington DOL.

Course fee:

$325 (regular price, non-subsidized)

   Washington State subsidizes many of our classes for state residents:

   $125 (Washington State subsidized)

Please have your driver’s license number and date of birth handy for registrations. Additional classes have been added at regular fees to meet demand.  Other than price and availability, all classes are identical.

  • Washington Drivers License  under 18  – $50
  • Washington Drivers License (subsidized) – $125
  • Non-Washington Drivers License – $325
  • Non-Sub Fee (regardless of age and DL#) – $325

All students MUST bring to the range:

  • DOT-approved  helmet (ESC provides helmets at all its sites.  However, students are encouraged to bring their own if they own a DOT approved helmet)
  • Eye protection (eyeglasses, sunglasses, face shield, or goggles)
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear that provides ankle support and protection from heat and moving parts. Most work type boots and hiking boots work well, but canvas high-tops or slip-on-boots with elastic (only) ankle covering ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Full-fingered leather gloves with a sturdy palm of leather or leather like material
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long STURDY denim pants or jeans with NO holes or tears that allow any skin to be exposed
  • Rain gear if necessary (class will continue during rain)
  • Sun block, as needed
  • Snacks and lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages

Terms and Conditions

Students must:

  • Provide proper riding gear
  • Be on time. Students arriving late to any portion of the class will not be allowed to participate and will not be refunded or rescheduled

Cancellation/Refunds/Transfers Policy

  • To cancel and receive a refund or transfer, students must notify ESC at least 6 business days before the start of the class
  • If class is cancelled by ESC, a full refund will be issued or the class will be rescheduled (classes are held rain or shine)

Refunds/Transfers are not allowed if a student

  • Cancels less than 6 business days prior to class
  • Fails to attend the scheduled class
  • Arrives late to any portion of the class or practice and is not allowed to participate
  • Is dismissed by the instructor