Three Wheel Fundamentals


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This self-directed course teaches you the fundamentals of safely operating a three-wheeler. It can be taken as a stand-alone course, or in conjunction with a 1-Day S/TEP Three-Wheel Riding Basics course taught by an authorized training provider.

Students will need to complete the online Three-Wheel Fundamentals course in order to be eligible to participate in range training. The course can be completed at students’ own pace. Topics covered in the online course include:

1.An introduction to three-wheelers
2.Requirements and recommendations for riding gear
3. Features, controls, and indicators
4. Basic operation, including starting the rig, clutch, throttle, and brake operation, safe stopping, turns and curves, special concerns for sidecars, and parking
5. Information on advanced techniques such as evasive maneuvers, drifting, and flying the sidecar
6. Defensive riding techniques, including safety tips for inclement weather, freeways, rural roads, and intersections
7. Impaired riding education, including distracted and aggressive riding, as well as riding under the influence of drugs and alcohol

At the end of the course, students must take a quiz to verify their comprehension. Passing the quiz allows them to save or print a certificate of completion that can be sent or presented to the riding school as proof of completed classroom training.

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