Learn to Ride a Harley

Learn to Ride a Harley

Evergreen Motorcycle Training

Are you a new Harley owner? Want to learn how to ride with like-minded people? Then you should definitely check out a Harley Davidson New Rider Course, available from East Side Harley Davidson and Emerald City Harley Davidson.

The Right Mix

Taught by Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified instructors on genuine HD Street 500s, the class goes over motorcycle operation, practical riding skills and safety basics and culminates in a written and skills test. Pass both and you’ll be well on your way to not only being exempt from both portions of the motorcycle license test, but also qualifying for insurance discounts and, most importantly, igniting a lifelong passion.

If learning to ride with other Harley owners sounds like something you might be into, check out the New Rider Courses from East Side Harley Davidson and Emerald City Harley Davidson today!


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