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Scooters are available in our Basic and Intermediate Rider Courses!

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Is a scooter your vehicle of choice for getting from here to there? In Washington, scooters capable of driving at 30+ miles per hour are subject to the same endorsement laws as regular motorcycles. We offer scooter-specific training classes for riders who plan to earn their motorcycle endorsement to ride this type of bike.


Basic Rider Course and Intermediate Scooter-only classes are offered at our Totem Lake training facility. Or, you may request a scooter when registering for a standard (Basic or Intermediate levels only) motorcycle rider course.

Basic Rider Course

Intermediate Rider Course

Required Gear To Bring

  • Photo ID

  • Sturdy boots that offer full ankle protection

  • Eye protection goggles, glasses or a face shield

  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Long, non-flared pants made of durable material such as denim

  • Full-fingered leather gloves or motorcycle specific gloves

You May Also Want To Bring

  • Your own DOT-approved helmet

  • Full rain gear if applicable

  • Lunch

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Sunscreen If needed


View our calendar page to book a one-on-one session with an instructor!

Calendar & Registration


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