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Sixty-three percent of U.S. freight is hauled by truck, making specialized carriers that haul oversize freight one of the most profitable types of transport. Pilot/escort vehicle operators (P/EVOs) guide the drivers responsible for these loads. Become part of a growing industry by getting certified as a pilot car operator.

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A growing number of states require pilot car certification

Fourteen U.S. states require training and certification for pilot car operators. Certification ensures that you have given the skills and knowledge necessary to comply with the law, safely guide an oversize load along its route, and deal effectively with emergencies.

Learn with the best

Evergreen Safety Council offers pilot car certification for pilot car operators in Washington and Colorado. Offered both in the classroom and online, our 8-hour course covers the latest industry standards and best practices established at the state and federal levels.

Frequent Questions

How do I get an endorsement?

There are two written and two skills tests that need to be passed in order to receive your Washington motorcycle endorsement.

To take and pass these tests there are a few options:

Class Options: Our Basic Rider and Intermediate Rider Courses include endorsement testing in the class. With this option, students will participate in the classroom activities and are provided with a motorcycle during testing. It is strongly recommended for brand new riders to take the non-endorsement Pre-Basic Rider Course before taking our Basic Rider Course, in order to get more experience riding.

Testing Only: If you have your own motorcycle, and only need to take the tests, we offer endorsement testing Fridays at our Totem Lake location. Tests are $50 each, for a total of $200. Learn more on our DOL Testing Page.

How old do you have to be to do endorsement testing?

Riders 18 and older may take the motorcycle knowledge and riding skills tests to receive a motorcycle endorsement.

Riders under 18 must take and pass an approved motorcycle safety course before applying for an endorsement. Parent/guardian consent is required to register for the course and apply for the endorsement.

How old do I have to be to take a motorcycle class?

Since a driver’s license is required to receive a motorcycle endorsement, we recommend students be old enough to get their license within 180 days of taking the course. In Washington State, 16 is the minimum age to receive a driver’s license.

Can I take a class without having a WA state driver’s license?

Yes. You can still take the course “for practice” and receive a completion card, but we cannot add the endorsement to the license.

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