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The BRC is designed to provide students with the skills they need to operate a motorcycle safely and competently. This 16-hour training includes comprehensive classroom instruction and a minimum of 8 hours of on-cycle training.

Students will learn the basics of controlling the motorcycle, including clutch and throttle coordination, straight-line riding, stopping, turning and shifting, quicker stops, and curves and swerves.


In order to complete the course, students must pass two written and two skills tests.


Endorsement testing is included in our Basic Rider Course! Successful completion enables riders to receive a waiver of further testing, which is accepted by the Washington DOL for motorcycle Endorsements.


The course consists of the following set of exercises. These must be completed in order and at a satisfactory level in order for students to continue with the course.

  1. Motorcycle Familiarization
  2. Using the Friction Zone (Clutch)
  3. Starting and Stopping Drill
  4. Shifting and Stopping
  5. Adjusting Speed & Turning
  6. Controls and Skills Practice
  7. Cornering
  8. Matching Gears to Speed
  9. Stopping Quickly
  10. Limited Space Maneuvers
  11. Pressing to Initiate Lean
  12. Cornering Judgement
  13. Negotiating Curves
  14. Stopping Quickly in a Curve
  15. Changing Lanes and Crossing Obstacles
  16. Avoiding Hazards
  17. Skills Practice


Students may be dismissed from this course at any time if they are not able to satisfactorily complete the exercises.
Students with little or no motorcycle experience are encouraged to take the Pre-BRC course before enrolling in the Basic Rider Course.

Required Gear To Bring

  • Photo ID

  • Sturdy boots that offer full ankle protection

  • Eye protection goggles, glasses or a face shield

  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Long, non-flared pants made of durable material such as denim

  • Full-fingered leather gloves or motorcycle specific gloves

You May Also Want To Bring

  • Your own DOT-approved helmet

  • Full rain gear if applicable

  • Lunch

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Sunscreen If needed


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