Additional Riding FAQ’s

Additional Riding Course (ARC) FAQ’s

How do I register and pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover cards.  All classes require pre-payment.
Payment for tests or classes as a walk-in (not previously scheduled) during non-office hours at our Totem Lake location, or any time at other locations, must be exact change.

Students can register online on the class page or by phone using a credit/debit card. Students may also mail in a cashier’s check or money order. However, we do not register a student until payment is received.

Who can take the class?

Only students who have completed a Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Intermediate Rider Course (IRT) may take the ARC. You must either show a BRC or IRT completion card or be listed in our database as completing the course successfully or completing the course but failing the test.

How much does the course cost?

$100 regardless of age or residency.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, you must have taken an BRC within the last 12 months. If a student intends to use the ARC as practice prior to scheduling a retest, they must take the ARC within 90 days from the original class date. This retest time limit is imposed by the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program and Washington Department of Licensing (WMSP/DOL).

Can students request scooters?

Yes, but only at the Totem Lake location and it must be at the time of registration. If a student wishes to bring their own scooter (as defined by the motorcycle industry) to class, they may do so ONLY with proof of ownership and liability insurance. The scooter owner must complete a T-CLOCS Inspection (a pre-ride safety checklist to make sure a bike is safe to ride) and bring the form to class.