Frequently Asked Questions | Evergreen Motorcycle Training - Part 3

Frequent Questions

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How do I bring my motorcycle to the testing session without a permit?

We suggest you have a friend bring it, or you may tow, trailer, or truck it in.

I didn’t add the permit and/or endorsement to my driver’s license on time and now it’s expired, what do I do?

You have 180 days to add your permit or endorsement to your driver’s license. If you do not add your permit within 180 days, you can call the Department of Licensing and request an extension. If you do not add your endorsement within 180 days of receipt, you must retest.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are only authorized if you let us know at least six full business days prior to the class.

Where are you located?

Why do no classes show up on your schedule?

If a class does not show up on the schedule, it means the class is full.

Do you offer classes on the weekend? (BRC/Intermediate/Pre-basic/ARC)

We offer weekday and weekend classes, check our schedule of upcoming classes for availability.

Do you have more than one location for your office?

We currently only offer training at our Kirkland location. Occasionally we may offer training at additional sites. Check our website for details.

Do you still offer classes during COVID-19?



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