Experienced Rider Course (ERC)

Where are the courses located?

Classroom and riding range sessions are offered in Kirkland, Seattle, and Renton.

When are the courses held?

Saturday and Sunday, 12pm–6pm or 10am–4pm.

Who should take the Experienced Rider Course?

The ERC is recommended for motorcyclists with 1,000 miles of riding experience and 6–12 months or more of experience. The course teaches advanced turning, braking, and swerving skills, as well as re-emphasizing street survival skills taught in the Basic Rider Course.

Sidecars and trikes are not allowed in this class. A separate class for three-wheel motorcycles is offered by the Evergreen Safety Council; please see our Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP).

We are happy to refer students to other motorcycle training providers who may have earlier class openings.

You must have an endorsement or instructional permit to legally ride your motorcycle to class or a testing session.

What equipment and supplies do I need?

Required Student Documentation:

  • Students must be 18 or older.
  • Students must use their own bikes in this course. The bikes will be subject to a safety inspection (T-CLOCS) prior to the riding phase of the class. Students with unsafe machines, as determined by the instructor, will not be allowed to participate.
  • Students must have liability insurance.
  • The instructor will ask to see photo ID, proof of insurance, and proof of ownership prior to the class.
  • Passengers are permitted in the Experienced Rider Course. A $25 passenger fee is to be charged to the student who is enrolled in the class. Passengers do not receive certificates. Students with passengers do not take the test at the end of the training.
  • Only the student enrolled in the ERC class will be issued an ERC completion card.

Required Riding Gear:

  • DOT-approved helmet (your own or use one of ours)
  • Protective eyewear (goggles, sunglasses)
  • Full-fingered leather gloves or motorcycle-specific gloves
  • Protective clothing covering arms and legs (should be form-fitting; no baggy pants)
  • Sturdy footwear that covers the ankle (must have a low heel and a non-slip sole)
  • Sunscreen or raingear, depending on weather (have appropriate clothing for inclement conditions)

How do I get my endorsement?

  • ERC students who are already endorsed will receive an ERC completion card.
  • Students who do not have an endorsement will be receiving the BRC card (license waiver card) upon successful completion of the ERC course.
  • This class will waive both the written and riding tests for a license endorsement in Washington. Students are not required to have an endorsement or permit to take the class, but are responsible for transporting their bikes safely and legally to and from class.
  • The Washington motorcycle license endorsement allows you to ride any two-wheel motorcycle or scooter, regardless of engine size.

Can I get a refund or transfer to a different location?

Refunds/transfers will be given only with written notice (for any reason) at least six business days before the start of the class. We can transfer you into another class only if you notify us at least six full business days prior to the class.

If class is cancelled by us, full refunds or rescheduling will be given (remember, class will run rain or shine).

Refunds/transfers will not be given if you:

  • Cancel less than six business days prior to class.
  • Fail to attend your scheduled class.
  • Arrive late to class or practice and are not allowed to participate.
  • Are dismissed by the instructor.

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