I didn’t add the permit and/or endorsement to my driver’s license on time and now it’s expired, what do I do?

You have 180 days to add your permit or endorsement to your driver’s license. If you do not add your permit within 180 days, you can call the Department of Licensing and request an extension. If you do not add your endorsement within 180 days of receipt, you must retest.

How do I bring my motorcycle to the testing session without a permit?

We suggest you have a friend bring it, or you may tow it, trailer, or truck it in.

Can I share a bike with my friend for the test?

Yes you can!

Can I use/rent/loan one of your bikes for the test?

No. Riders registered for a course may request a loaner bike, but bikes are not available for walk-in testing.

Is there practice time before retesting?

Yes, about 20-30 minutes.

Can I bring someone to help translate?


Do you have study materials or books available in Spanish (or other languages)?


Can I take tests at the DOL or would I have to go through the school?

Tests must be taken at the school, as the DOL does not offer testing.

How old do you have to be to do third-party testing?

Riders 18 and older may take the motorcycle knowledge and riding skills tests to receive a motorcycle endorsement.

Riders under 18 must take and pass an approved motorcycle safety course before applying for an endorsement. Parent/guardian content is required to register for the course and apply for the endorsement


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