DOL Testing

Why can’t I do the testing at the DOL anymore?

The DOL hasn’t been able to properly handle motorcycle skills testing. Many of the DOL offices haven’t had the pavement available to test the motorcycle skills necessary to be a competent rider. As a result the Washington Legislators passed House Bill 1635 authorizing DOL to have motorcycle testing conducted at Motorcycle Training Schools who already have the pavement surface.

What is the cost?

Taken separately, each test (written and skills) is $50 each.

Each test takes about 1 hour.

When is testing available?

Two-wheel knowledge and skills testing are scheduled regularly every Friday. Please register for testing on our site. Walk-in testing is not currently available. Sidecar/Trike skills’ testing is scheduled by request.

Where is the testing taking place?

Walk-in knowledge testing is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm at our Totem Lake location.

Motorcycle skills’ testing is regularly scheduled every Friday at 9am at the Totem Lake location. Depending on demand skills testing will be scheduled on the weekends at our other locations.

Sidecar/Trike skills’ testing is scheduled by request. Pre-registration is required for Sidecar/Trike skills testing.

How do I schedule the test?

You can register online or you can call us at 425-814-3868 and register over the phone with a debit/credit card.

Is there an age requirement?


  • Testers under 18 years old need to take a motorcycle safety class to get their endorsement
  • Testers 16 years old and older can take the knowledge test.
  • Testers under 18 years old can take the knowledge test and go into the DOL to get a permit to practice riding.
  • Testers under 18 years old can take the skills test but they cannot get their endorsement until they take the motorcycle safety class.

What do I have to bring?

  • You will take the test on your own motorcycle. The bike must have good tires and good brakes, no leaking fluids and be street legal (plates and registration).
  • Government issued ID

If you show up without a good working bike and/or proper gear, you will be turned away and will have to pay a $50 fee to reschedule.

You must have an endorsement or instructional permit to legally ride your motorcycle to class or a testing session.

What do I wear?

You are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and have eye protection (eye glasses, face shield or goggles).

We strongly recommend that you wear:

  • Long pants – jeans
  • Sturdy over the ankle boots
  • Full finger leather gloves
  • Long sleeves shirt or jacket
  • Rain gear and/or sunblock as needed

Are the tests done in any other language than English?


The written test can be done in Spanish.

Is there a cancellation fee/policy?


If you cancel at least 1 business day prior to the test there will be a $15 administration fee to reschedule. If you do not provide at least 1 business day notice, there is no refund or reschedule. You will need to pay again to take the test(s).

What happens after I pass?

Once you passed the knowledge (pink) and/or skills (green) testing, you will receive a colored slip to take to the Department Of Licensing (DOL) and they will issue you:

  • A permit if you only passed the written test
  • An endorsement if you passed the written and skills test

What if I fail the test(s)?

You will need to wait at least 24 hours to schedule a time to re-test (DOL requirement) and pay a $50 re-test fee.

Do I get to practice the skills test at the testing range?

No, you need to come prepared. If you think you need practice, consider taking one of our motorcycle safety training classes where you get to practice and take both the written and skills test at the end.

What if I have an expired permit?

You can still take the skills test. Keep in mind that the knowledge test is valid for 180 days and you may be required to take another knowledge test.

Can I take the skills test without taking the knowledge test?

Yes, tests can be taken in any order. However, in order to receive your endorsement, both knowledge and skills test must be completed within 180 days by presenting both pink and green slips to the DOL office.


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