Is the Basic Rider course enough to give me an endorsement or would I have to take any other classes after basic?

The Basic RIder course is designed for the beginner rider. Exercises progress from basic to experienced riding skills. Must be able to ride a 2-wheel bicycle and recent experience would be advantageous.

How old do I have to be to take the class?

Since a driver’s license is required to receive a motorcycle endorsement, we recommend students be old enough to get their license within 180 days of taking course. In Washington State, 16 is the minimum age to receive a driver’s license.

Can I take a class without having a WA state drivers license?

Yes. You can still take the course “for practice” and receive a completion card, but we cannot add endorsement to the license.

Do I need a permit before taking the basic/intermediate course?


Can I pay at the time of class?


Is there a waitlist for classes?


Can I come to class late?

No. You must arrive before the instructor begins teaching. Late arrivals miss important information and disrupt other students.

If I have already taken the permit / knowledge testing (outside of the class or with a different company), do I need to take it again in the BRC/Intermediate?

Yes, it is part of the class,

What is required to pass the class and get my endorsement?

To pass the class you must complete the course, and pass two written and two skills tests.

Where are the courses located?

Kirkland, Totem Lake, Renton, Seattle. – Link to locations page.

Where does skills/knowledge testing take place?

Skills/knowledge testing is only available at our Totem Lake location.

Do you provide training for scooters?

Yes, at our Totem Lake facility. See our scooter page for more information.

Do you offer dirt bike classes?


What happens after I pass?

After three business days you may go online to add the endorsement to your driver’s license, or do it in person at the Department of Licensing.

What if I fail the test?

You will need to wait at least 24 hours to schedule a time to re-test (as required by the DOL) and pay resting fees.


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