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There are some big changes coming down the pike from the Department of Licensing that will change the process in how you obtain your two-wheel motorcycle permit/endorsement.

November 8th, 2019: These changes will take effect on January 1, 2020. What are these changes you may ask? Starting January 1, 2020 you must pass a basic level knowledge AND skills test in order to get a permit. Then, you must pass a more advanced level knowledge and skills test for an endorsement. So, if you currently have a permit but have not taken the skills test or you have been contemplating getting your endorsement and you still need to do both tests, do not wait! Either take a training course or complete the testing before December 31, 2019.

What is Evergreen Safety Council doing to help? We, of course, have multiple classes to choose from that include the testing to complete your endorsement OR we are now offering skills testing every other Saturday!

Important Reminders:
You must Pre-Register for skills testing
You have to get the endorsement added to your license PRIOR to 12/31/19, otherwise, you are subject to the new changes.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change please contact your local Department of Licensing.
To schedule a class or testing you can go to or call 425-814-3868
Thank you!


The Importance of Motorcycle Safety Training Underscored in King 5 Interview with Evergreen Safety Council

August 5, 2019: After some motorcycle fatalities on Washington roadways in recent days, reporter Ted Land from KING 5 News visited Evergreen Safety Council to discuss motorcycle safety. The Council’s Motorcycle Program Manager, Monty Lish discussed a number of important motorcycle safety considerations including rider visibility. Mr. Lish encouraged motorists to give motorcyclists lots of space on the road. He reminds us all that what would be a minor collision for a car can be catastrophic to a motorcyclist. See the article and video on the King 5 News website.


ESC Motorcycle Program Manager, Monty Lish Discusses Motorcycle Safety Airbag Vest Technology With KOMO News

August 1, 2019: KOMO News today interviewed Monty Lish of the Evergreen Safety Council about motorcycle injuries and fatalities and a new technology to combat these incidents. Air bag technology is now available in vests and other outerwear to protect riders in the event of a crash. Mr. Lish underscored the importance of new technologies like these by pointing out that there are nearly 80 fatalities of motorcyclists each year in Washington State. Read the article here:


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