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About Us

The ESC Mission

To prevent accidental deaths and injuries by being a resource for safety training, consulting, and information for businesses and citizens of Washington state and the greater Northwest. To support related programs and legislative action that would improve safety in the workplace, on the highway, at home, and at play.

Since its beginning, Evergreen Motorcycle Training has been vitally involved in support of this mission. In the early 1990s, Evergreen Motorcycle Safety Training began with a single training range and some motorcycles on what was then the Sand Point Naval Base. It was developed as an additional program by parent company Evergreen Safety Council.

Where we are Today

Today, Evergreen’s Motorcycle Safety Program has grown to 7 training ranges in 5 locations across King County. Its supported with over 100 motorcycles, 5 sidecar rigs, 2 trikes, and 5 CanAm Spyders available for students to use for training classes.

Evergreen has also developed a dedicated core of professional motorcycle safety instructors. These instructors carry certifications for two-wheel motorcycle training from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and three-wheel motorcycle training certifications with the Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP).

Evergreen believes that by providing the motorcyclist the right street strategies and techniques to ride safely at the beginning of their riding careers, the motorcyclist and the public will be safer.

Evergreen Motorcycle Training

Whether it’s your first time on a motorcycle, trike, or scooter or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, rest assured Evergreen has a program that will meet your needs and bring out the joy of riding on the wide-open road.

To legally ride in Washington, you must have a 2-wheel motorcycle or 3-wheel sidecar/trike endorsement on your driver’s license. The number one way to get your endorsement is to successfully complete a motorcycle safety course at an approved motorcycle training school like Evergreen Motorcycle Training.

Evergreen is proud to be one of the top training companies in Washington state. We provide training in five different locations in King county to serve you.

Many of our courses include the written and the skills exam during the course; the successful completion of these courses enables riders to receive their Washington motorcycle endorsement with no further testing at the Washington DOL. These courses are marked below with an *.

Our Motorcycle Training Includes

  • Pre-Basic Rider Course – for brand new riders to gain skills and confidence.
  • Basic Rider Course* – for new riders ready to train and get on the road.
  • Additional Riding Course – for students that have completed the Basic Rider course but are not ready for the open road.
  • Intermediate Rider Course* – for riders that have ridden in the past and remember how to manipulate all the motorcycle’s controls or want to
    expand on current riding experience.
  • Experienced Rider Course* – riders should have at least 1,000 miles of riding experience before this course.

Sidecar/Trike Training

  • S/TEP Basic Course* – for brand new riders to gain skills and confidence.
  • S/TEP Advanced Course* – for riders with previous Sidecar/Trike experience and their own Sidecar or Trike with proof of liability insurance.

Scooter Training

A motorcycle endorsement for your Washington State Driver’s License is required if you can go faster then 30 mph. We have both basic* and intermediate* scooter-only classes, or students may request to ride a scooter at the Totem Lake location only when registering for a standard motorcycle basic or intermediate rider course.

DOL Testing for Motorcycle/Trike/Sidecar Endorsements

Each week, we offer several opportunities to take the DOL Motorcycle/Trike/Sidecar skills and knowledge tests.

Covid-19 Update: Skills and knowledge tests are currently suspended. Please check back soon for further details!


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