Motorcycle Safety Training
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S/TEP Advanced Course 

S/TEP Advanced Course

The Advanced Sidecar/Trike class is an 8 Hour (1 day schedule) course for riders with previous Sidecar/Trike experience. Students must provide their own Sidecar or Trike with proof of liability insurance to take this course. Students’ rigs will be subject to a safety inspection, to verify they are safe to use during the course.

Classroom discussion will cover topics on operating a 3-wheel Vehicle, Defensive Driving, Driving in Traffic, Roads, and Alcohol and Drugs.  The on-range exercises will cover advanced braking, cornering, evasive maneuvers, and the handling characteristics that are unique to the 3-wheel motorcycle. Students will take a written and skills exam during the course, the successful completion of this course enables riders to receive their Washington 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement with no further testing at the Washington DOL.


Course fee:

Washington residents: $125

Washington resident under 18: $50

Non Washington residents: $325

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