Motorcycle Safety Training
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S/TEP Basic Course

Evergreen Safety Council believes that 3-wheel motorcycles are significantly different in handling dynamics and characteristics from 2-wheel motorcycles. For this reason separate training is required for both the novice and experienced sidecar or trike rider. For those riders who choose to enjoy the sport of motorcycling on three wheels, it is our goal to have this program available in all areas where motorcycle training is currently offered. We are working with industry representatives, enthusiasts, instructors, state motorcycle safety program coordinators, insurance companies, and the general public to achieve this goal.

You must have an endorsement or instructional permit to legally ride your motorcycle to class or a testing session.

Practiced in a safe, controlled environment, this 16-hour course is designed to provide the rider with knowledge, confidence and 3-wheel driving skills.

Course fee:

  • Washington Drivers License <18 years old:  $50
  • Washington Drivers License:  $125
  • Non Washington Drivers License based on location: $290
  • Non-Sub Fee (regardless of age and DL#) – $290.